Apr 24, 2012


In Germany asparagus is very popular in spring time.
I don't like cooking, but sometimes I have a right mood :)
Asparagus, lime, apple and meat.

Apr 17, 2012

The border between Poland and Czech Republic

It was surprise for me how looks the border between Poland and Czech Republic.
Just one coat of the road ends and another begins.
   One foot in Poland, the other - in the Czech Republic.

I'm in Poland

Coming across the border

I'm in Czech Republic

Photos by Slavik

Apr 10, 2012

My little black&white project, hieroglyphs

Tonight I tried to catch the last rays of the sun. Photos were very warm and sunny, but I decided to make them black and white and add Chinese hieroglyphs. 
Maybe they look a bit melancholy.




Apr 4, 2012

For one good dog

Astra - the dog.
It is my first painting of a dog.
I'll present it for dog owners for memory.
She was a very good dog...

Here is a photo of Astra, which I tried to copy (photo from Slavik).

Apr 3, 2012

Spring and Easter are coming

In Munich is spring.
People and trees are getting ready for Easter.
I took a photo of a bumblebee on the flowers and found the chair of my dreams.

Eheheh :)

Watercolor in sketchbook.

So you don't think that I'm a maniac, look how cute bunny takes a bath:

In a bad mood

No, I do not need a psychiatrist ... I just have a bad mood
Markers Faber Castell (PITT artist pen) in sketchbook