Jun 21, 2012

Ein Tag in München / One day in Munich

Munich - it's really beautiful and interesting city for tourists. There are sooo many wonderful places to see.
In the end of May I have a full day for walking in the city and it was cool. I was in my favorite Neue Pinakothek and after I just walked though the streets.

I found a very nice stuff to make online album to show you (clixxie-album.de)

To see all album just click on it :)

Machine with candies (like in old movies)

I had never seen before such machines with candies like this (only in the movies). I found it in a quiet living area in Munich, right between the houses.
And of course I tried it, I got a surprise with a stamp in the form of the skull.
I checked - there is always candy inside.

Photos by Slavik