Oct 11, 2012

How I use a paper from garbage for art.

I often buying something in the internet and getting a beautiful boxes by post. Very often I use this paper for drawing and for origami.
Experiment with light colors on dark paper is very interesting and you can help a little nature and do not buy  special paper.

You will need a box, scissors, ruler, pencil, acrylic, color pencils (I used red and blue) and pens with black and white inks.

From my box got 4 squares 20x20 cm.

First, I came up with some strange animals and sketched them with pencil on cardboard. Then paint silhouettes with white acrylic paint.

After the acrylic paint has dried you can draw it with black ink (for me it was Liner Faber Castell, waterproof). Figures were monochrome and I added a little color with a red and blue pencils.
But it seemed to me that there were many empty space and I added patterned background for each animal is different.

So, this is what came of it:

You can click on every image to enlarge.

I drawn a small set :)

This funny animals set available for sale in my Etsy shop.

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