Oct 8, 2012

Photo memory book, all in one place!

I found perfect way for me to archive photos :) I know it's not a new idea, but I've used it for the first time.
Oh, it was so hard to choose just 30 of the hundreds of photos.
There are many sites to make an album, I've used this firm Clixxie-fotobuch, you can upload photos to Facebook and then add to the album. Very easy.

I am very pleased with the result!!! Photos look really cool inside the album, all in one place.
On the first page of the album I wrote a year and where the photos were taken and on the last page, you can add a couple of lines.

It's how the book compared to the size of my hand:

Now my family photos decorating my table :)

I can happily advise Clixxie-fotobuch, as I know now the photo-book can be ordered in Germany and Austria.
They also have a program for the iPhone on itunes.


  1. OMG!!!:) I am so proud, dear Oxana!!!

    1. Haha! Yep, your pretty painting is on my table :)