Feb 21, 2013

F+S, Save the date.

Hand made present for my friends wedding - very simple and cute.

Here is a small tutorial for it.

What you will need:
- paper letters (my friends Serena and Francesco, so I used S and F letters);
- white acrylic paint and brush;
- glitter (light color);
- transparent nail polish;
- glue (I've used a super glue);
- red beads for heart;
- simple frame.

Step 1.
Paint letters and frame with white acrylic.

Step 2.
Cover painted letters with transparent nail polish and put on it glitter immediately.

Step 3.
Glue the letters inside the frame.
You can make the heart of the red beads and paint the white frame floral designs (I used for it waterproof blue marker).

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