Jul 12, 2013

Coursera - first experience. The Ancient Greeks.

This course in coursera community was ended 2 months ago. It was my firs experience with online education, and it was cool!

This is a survey of ancient Greek history from the Bronze Age to the death of Socrates in 399 BCE made by Wesleyan University. During the course I discovered not only the dates and the names but lots of interesting facts about political and cultural life of the Ancient Greeks.

Knossos Crete, Palace of Minos (made by me June 2013)

And one of the most important part for education (as for me) it's a teacher. The course instructor was just wonderful - Andrew Szegedy-Maszak "Professor Andy". If during my 5 years of study at university in Moscow all the teachers were like him, my school would be a holiday on which I would have every morning ran into the class. And I would like to thank you him and saying he is a perfect instructor for me.

The course was organized very good: Professor Andy's interesting lectures, additional material can be found immediately on the site. At the end of each week are tests that you can re-take it three times. 

It was not easy for me (first of all because of my English, but for lectures I used English subtitles), the tests were not simple - some of the questions require thinking, logical reasoning and reading additional materials.
But no matter what I gladly found time after work to explore the history of ancient Greece with the professor Andy.

I remember better when I write down., so I wrote short notes while listening to lectures. Some lectures listened to 2 times :)

At the end of the course, I received a certificate and very proud of myself!

Repetition of this course is planned in the near future, information about this can be found on the Coursera website.

Pleasant coincidence: I spent vacation this year on the Crete, visited the Minoan Palace of Knossos (I was already prepared and did not need a guide - it's cool).
I've always been fascinated by the Ancient Greeks but now I'm just in love with it.


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