Sep 23, 2013

Paper cut works - Animals.

I like paper cut and decided to try something new in it, mix colors and techniques. So I found big pack of color paper, knife and created a collection of a paper cut animals "Zoo".
To add more life and make them unique I've drawn it with black ink liner (to add hundreds dots).
Here they are! My new paper cut collection "Zoo"!
Find this project on Behance or Etsy.

Please click to view full size.

All paper animals works available for sale in my Etsy shop.

Sep 22, 2013

FREE Sewing Pattern: Sleeping mask.

I often have insomnia during a full moon, so I decided to make a mask for sleep. But it is not just a boring black mask (which you can buy at the supermarket) but fun and unique.

I made ​​a few cat mask with eyes and bows. Behind there is a special part to make it more comfortable for the head during sleep (usual gum all the time slips off the back of the head).

Here's what masks I did.

Here the pattern to sew a mask (print it on A4). Free for personal and commercial use.
Or download PDF file: Sleeping mask - sewing pattern

Sep 19, 2013

My teddy bears.

I like teddies and always wanted to make it. So I tried myself in artist teddy bear making.
It was very interesting to do and I had so much fun making teddy bears. But it's not too easy to make them, it consists of many small parts and each bear must have its own character. I have developed some of his patterns on the basis of patterns of classic teddy bears.
I made blog for my teddies:

Here they are: Fedor, Anna, Otto and Sophie.

They are fully jointed and can move hands, legs and head with glass eyes and hand stitched nose.
And I made labels for them "Oxana and Bears".

Have a look on every of them here.

DIY: eco craft paper package.

I like craft paper, it's a good paper for drawing, origami and... package. Here is my experience with craft paper from amazon parcel (lust cant throw it in garbage).

I had a lot of craft paper :)

Fold it in few layers (I made 2).

Sew on 3 borders. I tried to decorate it with a few sewed lines.

Here they are! Looks pretty and eco.

Sep 9, 2013

Autumn SALE, all watercolors $20 and FREE shipping worldwide!

Autumn - time for a big art sale! :)
Welcome in my Etsy shop: all original watercolor paintings now just $20 (and FREE shipping worldwide).

If you have some questions, contact me please!