Oct 16, 2013

Work in progress: dog skull

I've made a set of animal skulls, here are all of them on Behance.
And one of skull (dog skull) was photographed during drawing.
For this small project I used book "Anatomishe Zeichenschule Tier" (Andras Szunyoghy, György Fehér), you can find it on amazon.

Materials: watercolor paper 270 gr/m, pigment liners (black 0,2 mm and 0,8 mm, waterproof on paper) and watercolor.

I started with a simple pencil sketch on paper.

Then you can add shadows. I used a thin line for the hatch (you can do this using the points - it will be very nice). Liner 0,2mm.

Then I outlined the edge of the picture with a thick liner (0.5-0.8 mm) and dashed darkest places.

Time for watercolor! I added a few drops of gum arabic in water, then watercolor dries slower and you have time to blend colors.

That's what I did.

and that other drawings of skulls of animals.




Watercolor and ink skulls on Behance (with lot of detailed photos): Rainbow skulls
Originals for sale on Etsy: OxanaArt shop

Oct 15, 2013

Work in progress: ink drawing.

Studying animals anatomy for artist.

I have now a big set of black ink liners and trying to draw classical objects.